Other Services

We also provide other needs for various events that are part of the EatD management.

We are happy to assist you in organizing your business events.
We can also be present on the day of the event as event coordinator / hostess to ensure everything runs smoothly.

To support your events, wedding receptions, gathering, etc here we are as a decorator taking place to provide you an enchanting concept and themes for your wedding.

We are able to create a customize wedding concept which make yours different than others.

To enliven and beautify your event, wedding, gathering, etc  we provide professional MC , music player and sound system.

We understand that everyone have their own wedding dream. It is important that every bride feels comfortable in her chosen dress

We provide the best quality of our dresses and make-up.

It is nice to share happiness with guests who attend through sweet wedding gifts that will always remind them of how beautiful your wedding was. We can help you find a wide selection of creative and unique wedding favors and gifts to suit your theme and budget.

Every precious moment on the wedding day must be immortalized so that it can be a memory of all time. We provide photo & videography services for your needs.

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